?Let’s #GoTinaPGo! It’s the #GroovinOnGreen recap! I need all my @GoTinaPGo #GoalGetters to log on & see more shows on GoTinaPGo.com, because I’m not stopping. Thank you to Enigma Event and Entertainment’s own Renee Miller for putting this brilliant show together, all of the beautiful people that came out to party, Black Nicholson, Music Access Inc., my fellow Artists, Selvin/SNMulti Media, Mixstress Africa Allah, Rikki McKinney and Associates, Double D, Dj Che Mack, DaWonn, Dj Chris Williams, Junebug, Brandon, Tommy Gainsville (Sound/Light crew), Blues Doctor, Jerome Chester, Robert SC, & all of the staff, ProtoCal, Scott Robertson, Ayo Cooley, Sir Charles Jones, Jay Rayford, Dj Main Event, Janell (MUA). I got a chance to pay homage to the Queen “Betty Wright” (1 of my absolute favs), and “DRIP”. Here is a link below… Add “DRIP” to your playlist, watch the video ft Quincy Bonds (Tyler Perry/House Of Payne) NOW! All in all, “Groovin On The Green” was truly a blast! • DRIP: https://gotinapgo.com/portfolio/drip/ STARRING:

Tina P

Sir Charles Jones

Big Pokey Bear



J. Rizo


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